For Life & Liberty

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This is a community for a tabletop Changeling: The Dreaming game called For Life & Liberty, set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The people and events mentioned in this LJ community (with certain obvious exceptions) are not real; no resemblance to any actual persons (living or dead) or events is intended.

This community has moderated membership - to join, e-mail thegamemistress AT gmail DOT com.

Posts containing potentially objectionable material (like explicit sex or graphic violence) should be LJ-cut and Friends-Locked, and an OOC Disclaimer posted at the top of the thread explaining exactly which of the two is within, or both if applicable. A simple way to state this is '((OOC: Smut warning!))' for sexual content, or '((OOC: Violence warning!))' for violent content. You can put more detail in it if you choose to do so. If you're not sure whether or not the material is objectionable, please err on the side of caution.

All information in any threads in which your PC is not present is not known by your character, unless he has used some means to divine that information. This must go through the GM. Do not act on OOC information.

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